Making the choice to study in Denmark is easy. There are plenty of opportunities of international students and researchers. The Danish higher education institutions are internationally oriented and offer a large selection of programs and individual course in English.

Moreover,Denmark is a country with a global outlook and an innovative culture. The knowledge intensive sector, covering areas from biotechnology to food and environmental protection, has a prominent position. Many higher education institutions cooperate with business and research institutions, bringing about an enriching and up-to-date learning envrionment.

In Denmark, you can earn an internationally recognized qualification or add credits to your national degree, while experiencing the Danish culture, society and way of living. Denmark has much to offer and the Danish higher education institutions happily welcome talented students from all over the world.

In 2005, the new policy was designed by Danish Government to eliminate the free mover (free education) opportunities for international students, onward Einstein has been placing students to Danish institutions. Since there was no knowledge of courses, visa process, Einstein actively played good role in enrollement facilitation services solely in Nepal. Therefore, we can say we are the best and first Danish Education pormoter in Nepal.

Why Study in the Denmark ?

  • English: No problem but local language is Danish
  • Globally recognized education.
  • Student visa with part time work permit (not foundation programmes)
  • Full time work allowed during 3 months holidays (June, July, August)
  • Free Danish Language Classes
  • Jobs easily available in Copenhagen (newspaper jobs, hotel jobs, cleaning jobs, supermarkets etc.)
  • Denmark Temporary resident permit allows student to visit other European countries during holidays ( a gateway to Europe)
  • Transfer to UK, Australia or potentially any other European countries where we have tie-up agreements.
  • Work permit available after completing the course if students can show he/she has a job in his own field of under skilled shortage labour category known as job card scheme.
  • Spot admission available for upcoming intake- please contact to Einstein Int’l Inc.

University Lists

Available Courses